There was heavy traffic on the ever-busy Oba Adesida road, while police and other security officers had difficulty controlling traffic to the demonstration site.

Speaking to NAN at the scene, the state’s Information Commissioner, Ms. Bamidele Ademola-Olatejudescribed the rally as “A new sunrise” for the state and “a renewed hope” for nigeria

Ademola-Olateju expressed confidence that the February 25 election will usher in Tinubu as Nigeria’s next president.

The commissioner said thatOndo state is for Tinubu”, noting that Nigeria would be a better place to live if Tinubu is chosen.

The commissioner therefore urged the people of the state to come out en masse and vote for Tinubu on February 25.

Too, Mr Olurotimi DauduTinubu Hope Vanguard 2023 coordinator said most people already saw Tinubu as the country’s next president.

Daudu described Tinubu as resourceful, a man with wisdom, a good network and pedigree, and whose background was outstanding.

He said the presidential candidate’s agenda of renewed hope will be achieved for the betterment of Nigeria if elected.

Similarly, Mr. Adetunji Osho, co-convener of Tinubu Hope Vanguard 2023, stated that the group was confident that Tinubu has the ability to deliver if elected president.

Osho, who urged the electorate to vote for Tinubu, said the APC presidential candidate would lead Nigeria to the “next level of greatness”.

Also the Director General of the Asiwaju Shettima Presidential Agenda (ASPA), Chief Ugo Usuebehe said that most Nigerians were confident that Tinubu would be chosen as the next president in the upcoming elections.

Usuebe noted that Tinubu did well and changed the narrative when he was governor of Lagos.

According to him, the party has been sensitizing people who have not yet collected their Permanent Elector Credential so that they do so and can exercise their suffrage.