The General Secretary of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, the Rev. Cornelius Eke, has called on Nigerians to stop selling their permanent voter cards, PVC, to politicians.

He urged Nigerians to use their voter cards wisely to install a credible government, to avoid living in regret for the next four years.

He made it known through a statement signed and made available to journalists by the media director, Dr. Joseph Chukwu, in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi state.

According to him: “This year’s election is crucial and requires the participation of all registered voters to ensure that the right candidates are chosen.”

He advised Nigerians not to sell their voter cards or votes, not to be like Esau in the Bible, who sold his birthright for a measly pot of porridge and suffered the consequences afterwards.

“Your voter card is your birthright and power, use it wisely to install a credible government so you won’t live in regret for the next four years; do not sell it no matter how much the politicians put it on ”, he accused the congregation.

He advised church members in Nigeria to become active in politics so that credible candidates who would save and rescue Nigeria would emerge in the upcoming elections.

On the 2023 census, the cleric said it is a milestone because it would be the first time in more than a decade that Nigeria’s actual population would be known, adding that it would mark the beginning of proper planning in all facets of governance.

“If you refuse to be counted, it means you don’t count in Nigeria, so you and your family should come forward to be counted when the time comes for them to count in Nigeria,” Rev. Eke warned.

Reverend Eke noted that the 17-year census data was outdated and unreliable in national planning, adding that with new census data coming out later in the year, it would help the government plan with certainty rather than estimates.