Former Senate President Senator David Mark has advised those who will lose in the upcoming general election to congratulate the winners rather than go to court.

Calling for an end to the politics of bitterness, Mark also urged all stakeholders in the electoral process and Nigerians alike to rise to the challenges of conducting free, fair, credible and acceptable elections that will stand the test of time. in February 2023.

The senator said: “All stakeholders, the Independent National Electoral Commission, political parties, security agencies, the media and civil society organizations, should take this as a call for national service to ensure smooth elections. ”.

Mark stated in his New Year goodwill message to Nigerians.

He said: “I long for an electoral process free of irregularities. I hope for an election result that does not attract litigation in which the loser willingly congratulates the winner.

“This is the basis and a safe path towards the sociopolitical and economic emancipation of the country.”

He noted that Nigeria had a tumultuous political history in terms of electoral challenges and expressed the hope that past experiences would guide the conduct of the 2023 elections.

However, Senator Mark was optimistic that the outcome of the 2023 election would be satisfactory to all stakeholders if all players played by the rules of the game.

Senator Mark warned against electoral violence that portends grave danger to the country.

For this reason, he urged the candidates for the elections to educate their supporters against any act that could jeopardize the process.

Regardless of the different political affiliations, Senator Mark reminded the gladiators that everything possible must be done to protect and preserve the interests and territorial integrity of the country, saying: “Be that as it may, we have no other country than Nigeria.” .