The 2023 general election will mark a turning point for Nigeria, election-wise.

A Chief Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Lateef Fagbemi, said Tuesday in Abuja at a public conference organized by the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria (MULAN), FCT Chapter in honor of nine of its newly elevated members to the rank of SAN.

He said the Election Act 2022 had brought Nigeria’s electoral process to the level of other democratic countries around the world.

Delivering his keynote address titled ‘Nigeria: Inside the Compass of the 2023 General Election’, Fagbemi: “The 2022 Election Law is a round peg in a round hole to revolutionize the electoral system, with a view to producing the best leaders and reaffirm that the voice and choice of the people count.

“It is believed that if the provisions of this Act are implemented judiciously, Nigerians will enjoy the exercise of their right to vote politically before and after the 2023 general election, and the country as a whole will be better for it.”

MULAN FCT Abuja Chapter Chairman Yahaya Dangana said the program was appropriate and timely as it would provide its members with the necessary skills to defend or process electoral petitions.