Overseer of Citadel Global Community Church, CGCC, Pastor Tunde Bakare, envisioned a new Nigeria after the upcoming general election.

Bakare, who is also the convener of Save Nigeria Group, SNG, stated this during his State of the Nation address, which also doubled as his New Year message, at the church’s headquarters in Lagos.

Bakare paid tribute to the nation’s fallen heroes for the ultimate sacrifice they paid to ensure Nigeria’s unity.

He also praised military officers in the field for their bravery in fighting terrorism and other forms of crime in the country.

Former All Progressives Congress APC presidential hopeful said Nigeria is going into the upcoming elections with issues that are challenging.

According to him, the emergence of the top three presidential candidates from the country’s top three ethnic nationalities speaks volumes about how God will shine His light in the midst of the penetrating darkness to make a new Nigeria.

“The election comes 30 years after the aborted June 12 election and this will serve as a reminder of some kind of generational shift.

“God has come forth in all his majesty to reshape Nigeria into a new one that the people will once again be proud of. Time is up for divisive leaders who are taking advantage of the country,” NAN quoted him as saying.

The cleric, speaking about the possibility of some politicians trying to rig the upcoming elections, called on Nigerians to beware of vote buying.

He, however, expressed his delight that none of the presidential candidates have a military background, saying this was an advantage for the nation’s democracy.

Bakare urged Nigerians to cast their votes based on personality and not feelings, adding that the difference between politics and governance is in the provision of services for the common good.

While praying for the good of Nigeria, he named the upcoming general election “Nigeria wins” polls.