By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – With just over 40 days to go before Nigeria’s general election, a non-partisan group, the Nigerian Association of Women Entrepreneurs (NAWE), has lamented the low participation of women in politics in the country.

The group’s president, Barr. Vera Ndanusa also challenged what she described as cultural stereotypes that plague women in Nigeria, including those interested in politics.

Ndanusa said this while interacting with our correspondent in Abuja on Monday.

She added that her group had come up with a number of initiatives to support Nigerian women in politics.

To this end, the NAWE chief called on women over the age of 18 to show the spirit of resilience, come out in numbers and vote for a credible candidate in the 2023 election, who will ensure women’s participation in the government.
While she reiterated that NAWE is nonpartisan, she said the group is more concerned with creating a safe space for women in politics, mobilizing resources and driving attitude change.

“We want to make sure that people understand that without women, there is no Nigeria. Essentially, we are thinking of ways to create a platform that can change the narrative and bias against Nigerian women in politics,” she said.

Ndanusa further pointed out that Nigerian women are making great strides in different facets of the economy but need more inclusion in politics.

He continued: “In terms of education, women are getting the right education in terms of exposure and the right exposures in terms of business and entrepreneurship, there are more women entrepreneurs than men in terms of leadership from the grassroots community up, women they are more in the inclusion of managing families, managing communities”, he stressed.