A non-profit organization in Ebonyiion has alleged that the Igbos and the Ezza clan are the most marginalized groups in Nigeria.

The group claimed that the Igbo are the brains behind Nigeria’s development, while the growth of the Ebonyi State can only be attributed to the efforts of the Ezza clan in the state, and they are concerned that they nevertheless remain the least accepted people. from the country.

The group under the aegis of ‘I Stand With Obi/Datti’ made the claims in a statement signed and made available to journalists in Abakaliki by its Director General Delaw Eze.

This was made known by the general director of the Youth organization, Delaw Eze, in a statement signed and made available to journalists in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi state.

Eze said: “The Igbo are the only tribe in Nigeria who are mostly politically marginalized, but with the highest numbers. Why is it so? We barely support our own, especially in politics. We get too comfortable following when we should be leading. We mourn the marginalization, but we marginalize ourselves more. The Igbo have always been the main causes of the downfall or failure of the Ndigbo.

“For the first time, an Igbo (Obi) man receives support from all corners of the nation except his region (Ndigbo). This is the sorry state we find ourselves in as a people. A careful look at the other candidates would have you believe with me that they will get massive votes from their own people and still get from Ndigbo, while Obi will likely fight for votes in his own place and may even get more outside.

“The Ezzas alone can win an election, but where is the unity? Where is the solidarity? For the first time since the creation of the Ebonyi state, there is an opportunity for the Ezzas to lead, but most, especially the interested parties, are better at what they can get from others than what they can give to their own.

“Now, what about the Ezzas in the Ebonyi State? They are the majority who have never led. They are the majority who have never held any tangible political office in Ebonyi. They are the majority with which others win elections but have never won

However, the group charged all the prominent leaders and all the citizens of the Ndigbo and Ezza clans to come together and shed the attitude and character of not supporting their own.