Social Democratic Party SDP presidential candidate Prince Adewole Adebayo urged the Nigerian electorate to vote for him as the next leader of Nigeria to allow them to enjoy the resources God created for the country, stressing that he has the plan to address the poverty and insecurity that afflicts the country.

He made the revelation during a rally in Kano state for the party’s gubernatorial candidate and others running on the SDP platform.

He also vowed to support Kano State to restore its industrial base and facilitate infrastructure development in the state.

“We want to exchange ideas on how Nigeria is doing. Whichever path Nigeria wants to take, Kano has a role to play,” she said.

Adebayo further said, “If traditional Kano politics determines where Nigeria is headed, then I am pleased to say that the country is on a progressive path.”

Prince Adebayo pointed out that the people of Kano know what they want and always decide the politics of Nigeria.

He maintained that it was in Kano, MKO Abiola defeated an indigenous man from Kano in a presidential race under the platform of the SDP.

“Even in the recent primaries held by different political parties in Nigeria, the Kano delegates showed (the way) that they want to go through the elections,” he said.

In a meeting with stakeholders in the state, the SDP presidential candidate said, “We need to bring in two new passenger terminals and have a new runway at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, (MAKIA), the current one is long overdue, considering the fact that Kano is a mega city and center of commercial activities”.