A candidate for the House of Representatives in the North East Ibadan/South East Ibadan federal constituency on the Social Democratic Party (SDP) platform, the Hon. Deji Aboderin, has stated that the politics of voting, raising money and making soup (Dibo Kosebe), also known as stomach infrastructure, cannot get Nigeria out of its current problems.

Aboderin made the revelation while speaking during a live radio show on Sunday monitored by the DAILY POST.

The SDP candidate explained that the belief that the electorate must receive money before casting their ballots can get Nigeria nowhere.

He said that the electorate should look for candidates who implement people-oriented projects for the good of all instead of promoting the idea of ​​’Dibo Kosebe’.

He added that the electorate should drop the idea of ​​stomach infrastructure during the elections.

He urged them to focus more on the background of the candidates and what they have to offer instead of raising money before voting.

Aboderin said: “The Dibo Kosebe (stomach infrastructure) policy cannot get us anywhere.

“When people brought money during the elections and our people say they can’t vote without raising money, that’s ‘Dibo Kosebe’, that can’t get us anywhere.

“Any national assembly member who does not fight for the interest of the people, especially women, the elderly and the young, does not know what they are doing.

“You talked about water, one of the main needs of people in northeast Ibadan) Southeast Ibadan is water. Many people in these areas are suffering because of the water.”