He said only the PDP had the right expertise to rebuild the nation’s economy and stop widespread insecurity across the country.

Okowa said the party’s presidential candidate, atiku abubakar, he had the experience and political will to turn things around as he did as vice president Olusegun Obasanjo.

He said that some members of the opposition in Delta were not satisfied with the empowerment of youth and women with relevant skills by the state.

Okowa implored the people to reject arrogant politicians who shamed and dishonored the state.

He urged them to vote for the Delta PDP gubernatorial candidate, whom he described as no-nonsense and a man of the people.

“The youth and women of Delta are our great strength, and once I see them, I know the matter is settled.

“I appreciate everyone here and my biggest thanks to the youth and women of Delta.

“I am happy with the crowd of people I see here today at Ughelli North. We have been seeing such crowds before, but this one is exceptional.

“I thank my lieutenant governor for his support. As my deputy has said, we will follow our gubernatorial candidate Sheriff Oborevwori to church to give thanks for victory in 2023.

“We don’t want a gubernatorial candidate who will dishonor Delta and Delta people and we don’t want people who are angry that we are spending money to empower our youth.

“We don’t want a governor who is too proud to relate to the people and you know our gubernatorial candidate Oborevwori is a humble man who has immense respect for the people,” Okowa said.

The PDP said that the APC had caused disunity among Nigerians.

He said that the APC government also brought insecurity, hunger, poverty and economic hardship and urged people to support the PDP to change the unpleasant situation caused by APC’s mismanagement of the country.

“The PDP will work with the people to solve all the problems caused by the APC and change the change to return Nigerians to a greater glory.

“We need to bring the PDP back to the center and change the change that has brought untold hardship on the people.

“Following our performance in Delta, PDP gave us the Vice President ticket. We need your full support to secure victory in 2023.” he said.

Okowa called on the people of Delta to fully mobilize for the presidential campaign which will be held in Asaba on January 24, 2023.

The party’s candidate for governor, OborevworiHe said the people of Delta were already preparing for the victory thanksgiving on May 29, 2023.

He assured the crowd that by the grace of God he would win the election and bring his MORE Agenda to influence the economic fortunes of the state.

For his part, the State President of the party, Mr Kingsley EsisoHe said the people of Ughelli North had shown their commitment to join the Nigerian rescue and rebuild mission.

He said that the people with their actions had shown that there was no other political party in Ughelli North, adding that Delta and Ughelli North in particular were tired of the mismanagement of the APC-led Federal Government.

“They have taken a bag of rice that sold for N8,000 during the reign of the PDP to N52,000 today,” Esiso said.

The lieutenant governor of the state, Mr. Kingsley Otuaro; General Director of the State Campaign Council, Mr. Funkekeme Solomon; former candidate for governor Mr. Fred Majemiteamong others, he also spoke at rallies.

The highlight of the demonstration in Ughelli North was the defection of a former APC gubernatorial hopeful in the state, Mr Osiobe Okotieand others to the PDP.

Addressing the crowd, Okotie said he had returned to the PDP to join others in building the party in Delta.

“Like the prodigal son, I have returned to my original home, the PDP. I started politics in PDP, so I’m back in my original home.” Okotie said.