Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has said that Nigeria’s survival as a nation depends on the direction it takes in the year 2023.

Obi has therefore called on all Nigerians to unite their efforts on the path of taking back the nation from the cold hands of corruption, insecurity and unproductiveness.

According to Obi in his New Year Message to Nigerians, “2023 is a very critical year that will determine the next direction of the nation.”

He said that Nigeria cannot continue on a regressive path because it will result in its total collapse.

“2023 is an existential year in our nation’s history. It is a year in which we must all unite against the continued abuse of our nation’s democracy and economy. The power is in our hands to take our nation back, in the next year, and make it work,” he said.

Calling on Nigerians to support him in saving the nation, Obi reaffirmed his commitment to secure and unify, as well as move it from consumption to production. He called on Nigerians to hold him accountable for his promises for a better nation if he emerges as president.

“I have made a pact with the Nigerians and I will not leave any of my promises unfulfilled. Nigerians can hold me accountable for my words of promise,” Obi added.

He wished Nigerians a very productive 2023 and urged them to continue to abide by the law, while contributing to the growth and development of the nation.

Also in cross service at the Holy Spirit Worship Ministry in Uke, Anambra State, Obi urged worshipers to pray for the new year to produce good leaders who will rescue the country from the hands of incompetent leaders who seize it in this moment.

As usual, the announcement of their presence in the field of worship by the director, the Rev. Father Ebube Muonso, almost interrupted the service as they approached to take a look at the presidential banner of LP, who was once the governor of the state. .