He said that the PPD had realized that Tinubu’s certain victory in the presidential elections on February 25, 2023 was inevitable.

Onanuga was reacting to a recent accusation against Tinubu for Mr Phrank Shaibuspecial assistant media Alhaji Atiku Abubakarthe PPD presidential candidate.

“In another childish move, Shuaibu challenged our candidate (Tinubu) to give his full name and went on a fantasy journey about his early upbringing and ancestry.” onanuga pointed

He said that such matters had already been thrown away decades ago.

Onanuga added that, however, the APC CCP was not surprised that the desperate Atiku camp, faced with mounting setbacks in its campaign, engaged in another round of smears.

This, he said, was especially after he was unable to make any capital for his amplified drug trafficking accusation against the APC presidential candidate.

“This latest accusation, we must say, is another attempt at shadow boxing, Onanuga said.

He added that having failed to fool Nigerians in its 16 years of “infamous rule”, the PDP had just woken up to the realization that Tinubu’s victory in the February 25, 2023 presidential election was inevitable.

“It is this that led to the desperate resort to defamation and innuendo,” said APC PCC Director of Media and Advertising.

Onanuga said that if only the PDP went back to its records, it would have realized that the same reckless smear campaign was its commercial action in the Lagos state gubernatorial campaigns in 2003.

He said this had also been under investigation by the Lagos State Legislative Assembly.

He recalled that in the 2003 elections, the masses of Lagos voted against the PPD for its malicious campaign and rejected it at the polls.

Onanuga said it was unfortunate that the PDP and its presidential candidate had chosen to revive a dead impeachment, knowing that the upcoming elections were slipping away again.

“We, however, sympathize with Atiku and his smear agents, we know why they are attacking every available drop. They fear that the election will be lost once again.

“With the massive turnout of Nigerians to welcome Tinubu in Kaduna, Minna, Abuja and other parts of the country in the last week, it is obvious that they are running after a train that has left the station.

“The (Nigerian) constitution is very clear about the rights of a citizen to run for president, our candidate has fulfilled those conditions.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the impartial arbitrator, has affirmed that he is qualified to run.

“But the PDP and Atiku are completely confused and in serious disarray and going around in a circus like a barber’s chair looking for what hasn’t been lost.” Onanuga said.

He said a responsible party should have followed suit with its losses.

He said that in the last two weeks, the courts had thrown out no less than six cases brought by PDP proxies on these same frivolous accusations.

“However, like a fly that insists on being buried with the corpse, the PDP media prefer to whip a dead horse.

“The more than 93 million registered voters, who will vote in the 2023 elections, have the intellect to choose who they want for president.

“That man is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Yes, that’s his name.

“The PDP should wait for the day of reckoning instead of participating in this diversionary and obscurant game, a game that will be determined by the Nigerian masses.” Onanuga said.