Umar said the Comptroller General (C), NCoS, Mr. Haliru Nababain his wisdom, he has implemented many strategies to prevent leaks across the country.

This, he said, is both in terms of infrastructure development in the service for the year 2023 as well as security strategies to prevent what happened in the year 2022.

NAN reports that the Kuje Custody Center was attacked by unknown gunmen in July 2022, thus freeing many inmates from custody.

“Part of the strategies adopted this year is the proper deployment of personnel to the Custody facilities.

“Another is the deployment of technology because of course the best war or battle is won through smart collection.

“The HQ has also sent some of our officers through training to improve their skills in collecting and using information.

“We are really putting a lot of positive plans into ensuring that our facilities are well protected against any form of attack this year and beyond.” he said.

The spokesman, however, said that one of the most important things the GC said would happen in his administration is the well-being and rehabilitation of inmates.

Umar said that the well-being of the inmates was also paramount when addressing the issue of jail attacks.

He said that only when the inmates are cared for properly, riots or any internal problems that result in escapes will not occur.

“So one of the key things that we have put in place again is deploying some of the staff to our facility to ensure proper and proper care for inmates.

“One example of this is that at one of our facilities in Gombe State, we have a Corpsman who is currently teaching inmates about building technology.

“Everyone is happy that their lives are changing even though it is the crime they committed that landed them in prison.

“So there are adequate plans for 2023 so that we don’t experience jail attacks in our custody centers and also to ensure that inmates are cared for sufficiently.” he said.