Former head of state General Abdulsami Abubakar launched a four-part book on crimes and insurgencies in Nigeria and other parts of the world in Abuja on Wednesday.

The series, which was titled: Preventing Crime, Insurgencies and Desperate Migrations from Developing Countries, Africa, Latin America and Other Nations of the World, was written by Alhaji Iliyasu Buhari Maijega.

Praising the author’s effort, Abubakar said the series’ introduction was timely considering the security challenges facing Nigeria.

He said that insurgency and other violent crimes have faced Nigeria in the past 10 years, adding that violent threats have spread throughout the country over time.

He said the book shed light on the root causes of the insurgency and stressed that it would help security agencies and the government find lasting solutions to insecurity in Nigeria and around the world.

Abdulsalami urged Nigerians and all interested parties to read the series in order to understand the problems related to the insurgency and offer solutions.

“I think this book has shed light on the root causes of insurgencies and I think it will help our security agencies and the government meet these challenges,” he said.

The author, Maijega, said the kidnapping of girls from the Chibok school and banditry in northwestern Nigeria inspired him to embark on an investigation to unravel the root causes of the insurgency and banditry.

Maijega said that he saw the need to look for the causes of such events and other problems such as the IPOB, the Niger Delta turmoil and other problems around the world.

He said he found similarities in the causes of insurgencies around the world that led him to move beyond Nigeria and Africa to Latin America, Asia and Europe.

He stressed that many had thought that Europe, for example, had no problem, but in his research, he came to understand that each nation had its own problems.

“For example, we knew that the Soviet Union was one country, but ethnic problems divided it into 16 countries.

“Yugoslavia was one country, but ethnicity divided it into six countries. That means that it is not only Nigeria that has ethnic problems that make each ethnic group want to have their own nation,” he said.

Maijega pointed out that poverty, weakness or a lack of leadership were responsible for most insurgencies, adding that getting to the source or root of insecurity would help solve the problem.