Abia state doctors barricaded the gate of Government House on Thursday to emphasize their pleas for 25 months of arrears in wages.

Carrying banners with different inscriptions, including “Abia Doctors lives matter”, “2 years without salary don’t be a joke”, “No salary for 24 months”, among others, the doctors pleaded with the people of Abia to convince the state government to I paid them

“How can our elected people make us slaves in our own state? How can you expect us to care for our loved ones? they asked.

Addressing doctors under the auspices of the Nigerian Medical Association, Abia Chapter, at the gate of Government House, NMA President Dr Isaiah Abali said they were peacefully protesting “due to the situation in the That we meet”.

“The Abia state government does not pay doctors. Our wages are our right.”

Visibly shaken, the NMA president lamented: “How can we work for 25 months without wages and still expect the person to be on duty?

“Who pays for our children’s school fees, who feeds us and our families? We cannot pay the rent for our house because we work for the Abia State government. We want the world to know the inhumanity of this man towards man.

“Abia pays less wages and less CONHESS. While the rest of the 35 states pay their doctors, Abia does not.

“How long are we going to cry for our salaries? We have cried and asked the state government to pay us. We are entitled to our salary. This is two years and a month, but the end is not in sight.

“They present all kinds of accusations to justify their meanness to Abia’s doctors.”

The president revealed that last year, more than five doctors died due to their inability to attend to their needs.

“We pray and cry out that whoever blocks our salaries, God will touch their hearts. Let history and posterity judge them.

“Here in Abia, the doctors should be rewarded for their work. Instead, they are punished and rewarded with evil.”

No government official was available to address the workers.