The governor, however, said that Ikonne was “recovering gradually and progressively”.

According to him, Ikonne attended some demonstrations organized by the PDP in Abia, including the launch of the party’s state campaign on November 24, 2022 at the Umuahia Municipality Stadium.

He further said that Ikonne left the stadium for a gala evening, hosted in honor of the G-5 governors at his (Ikpeazu) Umuobiakwa country house in Obingwa, “where he managed to give a speech and then fell ill.”

“It is unfortunate that he has been unwell lately but I want to report some progress and the progress is that Ikonne is recovering gradually and progressively.

“He has left the hospital and is going through a convalescence.

“I’m sure he will be strong enough in the future to join.” said the governor.

Ikpeazu urged residents of the state to keep hope alive, assuring them that Ikonne would soon recover.

He maintained that his absence from the political space this time “It will not define the progress of the campaigns or the agenda of the PDP in the state.

“It could be the wish of the detractors that the absence of Ikonne is prolonged”, he said.

He recalled that when he himself was ill, “the permutations would change and people would assign positions to themselves.

“I’m sure they even appropriated my wife for themselves.” said the governor.

NAN reports that speculation about Ikonne’s health problem became rife, following her sudden retirement from public duties after the stadium event.

Meanwhile, Ikpeazu assured the people that no other party had the ability to displace the PPD in the state.

He said “The PDP is very, very powerful” in Abia and no other party compares it in terms of strength.

He said, “Some of them may have supporters in one or two local governments, but they can’t put 100 people each in Abia.”

He also spoke about some of his administration’s achievements, including the expansion of business opportunities in Aba and socio-political stability in the state.

Ikpeazu, who is the senatorial candidate for Abia Sur, has vowed to replicate his achievements in the Senate, if he receives the mandate.

He’s in the race against the headline, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, who seeks re-election to the Upper House for the fifth consecutive time.