A 40-year-old construction contractor, Sunday Opeifa, has sought help from wealthy Nigerians, due to a serious health problem that could claim his life after a road accident.

Opeifa, a father of four, who was in a 2019 car accident in Sango Ota, Ogun State, is suffering from what doctors called a bone fragment delivered by lucent that could lead to an early death if not treated properly.

Talking with PUNCH Subway In Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, on Thursday, Opeifa said it was in an accident shortly after as yet unidentified persons robbed it.

He said: “After I was robbed, I went to the Sango Ota police station to make a formal report and possibly to write a statement. As I was about to pull into the station, said trailer went off the road and cleared me. They said that people were looking for me until one of the policemen saw me under the trailer.

“I had spent all my hard-earned money saving lives on the disease since the incident occurred four years ago.” she added.

The victim said that she had been contemplating suicide before friends advised her to reach out to Nigerians through this medium, so she is going through intense pain.

Doctors at Federal Medical Center, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta in Ogun State have warned that he could walk again if he could raise the sum of N4 million for a comprehensive surgery that would allow him to walk again, otherwise he is risking his life. – threat of paralysis as the affected leg swells daily.

A document signed by Dr. Agbohunmi, a Consultant Radiologist at the FMC, Idi-aba, Abeokuta and made available to our correspondent showed that there is an urgent need for surgery in Opeifa to avoid total disability.

The result of the x-ray that was administered to him reads: “There is an expansion of the proximal tibial shaft. Inside its medullary cavity, a bone fragment ceded by lucent is observed, which suggests sequestration. There is an associated pathological fracture. An old healed fracture of the fibular shaft is seen. There is adduction and eversion of the boot.

“Knee joint space is within a normal rhythm. There is an inflammation of the superimposed soft tissues”.

Opeifa said: “All I need from the Nigerians is help. They can pay me the money to the hospital so that I only attend the surgery. I am going through pain day and night. I have spent all my hard earned money on this disease. I can’t afford to pay my children’s bills and myself again. I am dying!

“I want people like our father, Bola Tinubu and other well-to-do Nigerians to come to my rescue. I don’t want to die now. If something happens to me, my children will suffer because there is no one to take care of them. I also have an elderly mother to take care of. Please help me.” He pleaded.

Help could be provided to Opeifa through your bank account and details. Opeifa Sunday Dotun GTB 0114886049 or you can reach him via his phone number; 08124322932.