Nollywood actress Nkiru Sylvanus aka Ble-Ble is a blushing sweetheart as she just got married to her lover in her hometown in Imo state.The face of Nkiru’s groom who was hidden before their wedding has also been revealed.

According to the Instagram post of the MC of the occasion, Chief Imo, love really is a beautiful thing and the celebration ended with great joy.

On December 30, 2022, the actress announced that she was engaged by sharing a photo of her engagement ring without revealing any details about her husband-to-be.

Many who expected to see the groom’s face, because Nkiru had kept his face hidden in the pre-wedding photos he shared online, were not disappointed as everyone expressed their joy that the groom is a handsome man.

In reaction to the video showing the face of Nkiru Sylvanus’ husband, many revealed that he has a cute face. Watch the video and reactions below:

an_na_bella wrote: God, your husband is so handsome. In the middle she did a very…