From Fred Itua, Abuja

The African Bar Association (AFBA), has warned that any attempt by the Department of State Services (DSS) or any other security agency to arrest Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Godwin Emefiele on alleged false charges of financing the terrorism despite a court decision prohibiting the agency from doing so, could lead to lawlessness and possibly derail the 2023 election.

The Association specifically requested DSS to fully comply with the Federal High Court’s decision that prohibited it or any other security agency from arresting or inviting the CBN Governor on the alleged charges of terrorism and economic crimes.

“We international lawyers insist that the rule of law must be followed, and in the case of the CBN and DSS governor, the statute must be upheld until all legal processes are fully exhausted,” he said.

The AFBA, speaking through Constitutional and Human Rights Committee chair Sonnie Ekwowusi, said the DSS-reported move to arrest Emefiele despite a court decision restricting them was beginning to send the wrong signals abroad about Nigeria. . According to him, the violation of the decision. of the Court is a recipe for lawlessness and may derail the upcoming electoral process in Nigeria.

“The court, in its wisdom, said that there was not enough evidence to link the CBN Governor to terrorism or any economic crime and “We expect DSS to respect the Court’s decision to the fullest and to do otherwise would always lead to lawlessness.

“The Human and Constitutional Committee of the African Bar Association has watched with regret the ongoing drama between the Nigerian DSS and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria over various issues allegedly concerning corruption and State Security policy.

“While the association would normally have seen this as a domestic issue involving Nigeria that can be adequately addressed by the local Bar Association and civil society organization in Nigeria, the far-reaching implication of violation of due process of law and human rights that is universal.

“The implication of this in a Democratic Nigeria, the largest black nation, and the upcoming general elections that will usher in a new democratically elected government have made it imperative that we urge that the rule of law and due process be respected and allow let them prevail because the resort to self-help or the abuse of state power is a recipe for chaos and anarchy”.