It won’t seem like Christmas if we don’t have the typical Christmas movies to feel at home. So, in addition to the popular, classic, and perennial Christmas movies we’re used to, like Home Alone I & II, Uncle Buck, Die Hard I & II, and How Wonderful It Is to Live, it’s time we dealt with more contemporary Christmas movies and african.

African film industries have started producing Christmas-oriented movies since the last few years, which are easily accessible to watch online. Therefore, this Christmas season, we encourage movie lovers to be more open-minded and watch African Christmas movies. And if they have any shortcomings in specific areas, feel free to share your thoughts, as that is the only way they can improve.

Below are African Christmas movies to binge-watch this holiday season:

christmas in miami

We’re starting with an oldie, a 2021 Christmas movie from Nigerian comedian AY titled: Christmas in Miami. What happens when six families from six different countries…