By Ikenna Nwokedi

It was a moment of conviviality when indigenous and non-indigenous people from the town of Amawbia, residing in the South Awka Local Government Area of ​​Anambra State, on Saturday, December 31, 2022, embarked on their annual fitness walk and resistance called ‘Ugbo-Ogiliga Walk’ as part of activities to promote unity, peaceful coexistence and healthy coexistence in the community.

The endurance walk and fitness walk covering a distance of about 8 kilometers saw the crème de la crème of the community’s inhabitants comprised of senior government officials, youth, children and the elderly converging on the Central Primary School (Aguogba ) Amawbia at 6:30am before crisscrossing the length and breath of the town in what is now a custom for the community.

The colorful event, the brainchild of the illustrious son and city legislator, the Hon. Chief Chukwuma Pius Okoye, a member representing Awka South Constituency 2 in the Anambra State House of Assembly (ANSHA), saw the entire Amawbia community turn out en masse to join the ‘Ugbo-Exercise Walk Ogiliga’ which started at the Central Elementary School and ended at the same point with entertainment, ogene music performance and light refreshments to spice up the occasion.

Speaking to the media, the member representing Awka South Constituency 2 in the Anambra State House of Assembly (ANSHA), the Hon. Chief Chukwuma Okoye said the ‘Ugboogiliga Walk’ that has prevailed for the past three years is aimed at keeping Amawbia together.

“I am delighted that today, the indigenous people of my town and other non-Amawbia people participated in the fitness walk that we call ‘Ugboogiliga Walk’ with the aim of uniting us and fostering unity. Sport is very essential for our growth and well-being to keep us physically fit and ensure mental alertness,” he said.

The legislator also praised Amawbia Town Chairman General Eng Godwin Aronu for his insights and support in ensuring the fitness walk was a success. He also stated that the initial plan was to incorporate Obizi’s seven communities as part of this year’s fitness walk, but due to time constraints, he nevertheless promised that the 2023 edition will see the entire Obizi dynasty as part of the recreational program. and exercise. .

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the General President of my city, Eng. Godwin Aronu for his ideas and support for the success of this program. For the next year, we will involve the general presidents of all the Obizi communities to be part of this exercise. It is in the pipeline, we will create a strategy and we will design the best way to approach this, since the exercise is not something limited to a group of people but for all of us in general”, said Okoye.

Honorable Okoye highlighted some of his contributions to Amawbia Town, especially in the areas of Education and Safety.

“As part of my representation and tenure since 2019, which is going well, I embarked on a legacy project that is the perimeter fencing of more than 50 lots for Boys High School Amawbia, which since its existence in 1983 has remained open and, therefore, thus, not only endangering the lives of the students but making them vulnerable to many dangers. For the Glory of God, the perimeter fence is almost finished and is pending commissioning.

“In the area of ​​security, I provided a shuttle bus for the Adabebe village security network to assist movement and policing in that part of my community. Ideally, security should be everyone’s business and we can’t keep waiting for the government to do everything, we have to contribute individually, especially in our comfort zone, helping the government to face the threat caused by insecurity,” Okoye said.

For his part, the former head of immediate service, lawyer Harry Uduh, said that physical labor is here to stay as a tradition in the community. He described the last two years as a great success for the fitness walk as he saw the Amawbia Indians coming out en masse to participate in the recreational program.

Uduh stressed that the Walk is important to give the citizens of Amawbia an opportunity to interact with each other, keep them fit during the Christmas period and remind them that keeping fit and exercising is essential for health. He described Br. Okoye as a vibrant young man whose love for his people can be seen in his innovations and programs, and thanked him for his immense support towards the growth and unity of the Amawbia community.

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