Agents from the Osun State Security Network, codenamed Amotekun Corps, arrested a suspected 21-year-old kidnapper, Enetho Destiny, while on his way to Patigi, Kwara State.

Osun Amotekun field commander Amitolu Shittu, during an interview with our correspondent on Wednesday, said that the suspect was arrested in Ila, Osun state, on Sunday.

Shittu also said patrolling officers saw the suspect inside a bush with a bag of rice and picked him up, adding that during questioning it was discovered that Destiny was a kidnapper based in Edo state.

The Amotekun chief, who warned that the operatives would continue to make every part of Osun’s territory unsafe for criminals, further said that the operatives have kept up the search in the area where Destiny was detained to ensure that other people working with the suspect who may be in hiding, are also in custody.

Speaking to reporters, Destiny, a father of four, confessed to being a kidnapper, saying his gang kidnapped four people in Edo before he left the state.

However, he said he did not like kidnappings anymore, adding that he left Edo to join his family members who live in Patigi, Kwara state.

He also said a bag of rice he had in his possession when he was caught was stolen in Ila when he arrived in the community on Sunday.

He said the suspect would be turned over to police for further investigation and prosecution.

He said, “I was going to Patigi, Kwara State from Edo State to see my wife and children. In Edo, we were in the kidnapping. I left the other gang members and decided to move to Kwara because I don’t want to get involved in kidnapping again.

“My colleagues and I have kidnapped four people and what we normally do is contact the families of our victims and ask them for money.

“I arrived in Osun on Sunday morning. The driver who took me from Edo dropped me off in Ila because the money I paid was not enough to take me to Kwara state.

“I was arrested at night after stealing a bag of rice from a farm. I plan to sell the rice and use the money to continue my journey to Kwara State.”