His victory, his loss, nothing would diminish him or strip him of his previous achievements. It’s done, it set indelible records and etched his name into the storied folklore of Nigerian politics. At Peter Obi, high hopes are currently saved. Props that cross tribes and religions. The groups among the Igbos, Afenifere among the Yorubas, the Northeast Coalition of Elders for Peace and Development (CNEEPD) among the Northerners bear witness to the belief in a 001 Nigerian in the making, should fate smile on him in the upcoming elections. , or those who will come.

Despite denigrating political views, Obi has electrified young Nigerians, giving them a resonant new voice. For his acclaimed honesty, he paid with impeachment as the then Governor of Anambra State. His sin: he would not inflate the state budget and contracts. But he took back the mandate from him and posterity reinstated him in the post of governor. Like other Nigerian politicians, he is not perfect; but in all sectors, he has executed laudable projects in Anambra State.

Education-wise, Anambra was ranked 24th in the national register, spurring the state’s education to number 1. And just as other governors were getting out of debt, Obi claimed he left $500 million in Anambra’s coffers as investments. True or false, the courage to declare credit when your ilk declare debit is to be applauded. The Debt Management Organization (DMO) would then put an affirmation stamp on it as “less corrupt.” That EFCC has not taken axes after him to date is another reason to congratulate him. If there really is a financial mess at his feet, this time it wouldn’t have been fair to him. Research also confirms his good works in many sectors.

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Hundreds of thousands of young Nigerians, who in the past had to pitch their political tents with the ruling party or the second most influential party, suddenly rallied around the man from Anambra and a party with far less influence, resources and even structure. . Reason: Nigeria’s growing difficulties have become unbearable for them.

Being the recipient of endless, daily smears and yet with an ever-widening audience, Obi has only grown in absorbing abuse and staying focused on his goal: putting himself in charge of Nigerian affairs. A perfect human being or politician does not exist anywhere in the world, and a fractional part of Nigerians may continue to take the sharp tongue after Obi, the Pandora newspapers might have discovered his feet of clay, he may be labeled a “babber of words”, “a prankster without structure or enormous resources”, but for being a hope for many Nigerians and young people of all tribes and religions, for arousing the political interest of many Nigerians who in the past preferred to sleep at home on the days of the elections to vote for, Peter Obi deserves some praise.Regardless of differences in political views and affiliations, cut Peter Obi down a bit.