Fanwo, in his labeled speech, “The PDP’s many lies and its traditional illusions in Kogi state,” he said the PDP was appalled by the low turnout for the demonstration.

He claimed that the PDP resorted to the theatrics of introducing deceased individuals who had been removed from the ranks of the APC for their unsavory acts and characters as defectors and proceeded to canonize them.

”The rally turned into a farce as the likes of former state lieutenant governor Elder Simeon Achuba and former state assembly speaker Rt Hon. Alpha Imam were repackaged for Atiku as Kogi APC stalwarts marching to the PDP in the rally.

What Atiku and his entourage might not have known is that this is the same Achuba who was removed from office by the state assembly for gross misconduct during the administration’s first term.

“Also, Rt Hon. Alpha Imam is another who has been, who has a constant battle with his colleagues when he was president of the state House of Assembly. On the cusp of being ousted, he begged to be allowed to resign. he said

He claimed that the duo were no longer active members of the party and won the 2019 landslide victory without them.

He stressed that the PDP campaign rally in Kogi was a shadow of itself and said that the umbrella circus did not need anyone to tell them that the Kogi people have rejected them.

Fanwo stressed that it was painfully obvious that the former ruling party had appropriately been reduced to a shadow of itself in Kogi over the past seven years.

“We know that the PDP brought a lot of people from seven neighboring states for the campaign rally in Kogi.

“Talking about 148,000 defectors at the Kogi rally by the PDP is too ridiculous and not true.” Fanwo said.

Fanwo, who is the State Information and Communication Strategy Commissioner, said there was no doubt that the APC administration led by Yahaya Bello had changed the face of Kogi.

“Executed legacy projects, some of which were recently commissioned by Mr. President, are too numerous to mention here.”

Fanwo also said that Atiku’s promise to revive Ajaokuta Steel Company could only be classified as a ‘morbid joke’, which he (Atiku) must have made to insult the sensibilities of the Kogi state and its people.

”President Muhammadu Buhari has taken a bold step in the gigantic project and we are relying on the president-in-waiting, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to carry out the process.

”The PPD standard bearer also assured the conference room crowd selected for him from seven states that he would win the 2023 presidential election. This is already the illusion of the decade as he will be soundly defeated by the Congressional Presidential Candidate All Progressives.

“We are on track to hand over the Kogi state en masse to the All Progressives Congress and uphold the party’s legacy in the state under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello.

“We urge our members to remain peaceful, law-abiding, and continue to work hard to ensure we set record numbers in the February and March polls.”

However, the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Head of Media and Publicity, Mr. Austin Ochuhe called APC’s complaints the noise of a drowning party.

ochu said, “The suggestion that we hire people from seven states is very bizarre and ridiculous because we have never engaged in merchandise of this type.”

“At that press conference, APC is definitely threatened and nervous that the game is up for them, as people said last Saturday that they desperately want change. And the time for that change is now.

“Traditionally Kogi is a PDP state, we only failed along the way, but thank God we are back in the trenches and we are ready to make amends and take over the state this time for the interest and good of our people.

“In fact, that’s exactly what APC and are now running around not knowing what to do, as the difference and the message is now very clear that the game is over.” he said.