The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Nigeria is looking to hire a consulting firm to build a strong portfolio of women and youth-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking business capital.

according to a realize On its website, the successful firm is expected to identify high-impact SMEs and facilitate their capitalization through active investment brokerage.

UNDP Nigeria said women- and youth-led SMEs operating in the renewable resources and alternative energy, food and beverage, health, infrastructure, services, consumer goods, and technology and communications sectors are the focus of the project.

“In this context, UNDP in collaboration with FC4S Lagos is looking for an Intermediary Firm to carry out the identification of high-impact SMEs and facilitate their capitalization through active investment intermediation,” the notice reads.

The main responsibilities of the selected intermediary company will be the following:

• Build a strong portfolio of SMEs seeking commercial and quasi-commercial capital, through active recruitment and selection, prioritizing businesses led by women and youth.

• Based on selected sectors, undertake investor engagements to map impact-focused investors willing to invest in the companies identified above, including consideration of semi-commercial opportunities, as appropriate, through the UNCDF BUILD Fund.

• Using identified companies and financial institutions, develop an investor relations plan and conduct investment brokerage for selected companies, and act as an adviser to buyers and sellers to develop financial structures and close deals.

• Develop a centralized database that includes details of SMEs and Investors (contact persons, phone numbers, email addresses, nature of investment needs and area of ​​focus).

• Develop high-level impact measurement and management frameworks for priority companies and investors and deals made following the SDG Impact Standards approach, which companies and investors can use to manage impact over time and prepare for the adoption of the SDG Impact Standards.

• Support UNDP and partners to use the potential pipeline within the broader SDG investment brokering initiative, and especially early-stage and growth-stage companies seeking blended investments for the first stream of initiative work, the details of which will be shared with the selected intermediary company.

• Seek input and validation from the UNDP team

• Provide bi-monthly updates on progress and emerging findings to the UNDP team

• Provide regular feedback to UNDP and key partners on progress, SME investment needs, investor appetite, etc.

• Perform other tasks relevant to the SDG investment brokerage initiative

“The SME pipeline developed by the intermediary firm will be owned by FC4S Lagos for post-allocation commitments,” the post read.

“UNDP will receive visibility into investment brokerage and progress with making deals, including the types and volumes of capital deployed, excluding commercial details.”

Those interested can access the application portal through this link.

The deadline for applications is February 4, 2023 and the necessary documents are available. here.