Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has stated that the nation owes a debt of gratitude to the men and women of the Nigerian military for their past and present service to the nation.

Governor Adeleke declared this at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2023 grand finale and wreath-laying ceremony at the military cenotaph in Osogbo.

While lauding the sacrifices made by fallen heroes in upholding the nation’s sovereign integrity, peace and unity, Adeleke called for a renewed focus on security sector financing, along with security sector reform. security.

While noting that the country faces heightened security challenges at a time of national and global economic crisis, he stressed that national and state leaders should exchange ideas on how best to meet the financial needs of the security sector.

“We must reevaluate our financing options, focusing not only on military hardware. We must innovate to sufficiently care for the well-being of service personnel and veterans. Neglecting the well-being of service personnel is a disservice to effective national defense,” he said.

While she stressed that the wreath-laying ceremony was not a partying or fun-seeking exercise, Adeleke maintained that it was a solemn tribute to both the dead and the living.

“We are celebrating the men and women who pay the ultimate price for our nation’s continued existence as one indivisible entity. We salute our heroes, the brave military men whose blood was shed for the national defense. At the same time, we pay tribute to our veterans, living witnesses of patriotic service.

“As I noted during the emblem fundraiser launch, the nation owes a debt of gratitude to our service men and women for their past and present service to the nation. Governments at all levels must ensure that our gratitude translates into better conditions of service for service personnel and wholehearted care for veterans and their families,” she added.

He assured veterans in Osun State that his administration is already looking into the long list of their demands.