Following reports of resignations by many officers and men amid security challenges facing the country, the Nigerian military has said it will no longer tolerate loss of interest in military service or lack of promotion as a basis for discharge. .

Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya, in a letter to various departments, formations of the Nigerian Army and the Ministry of Defence, said that service personnel leaving service at will does not bode well for the army.

In the letter dated December 23, 2022, signed by Brig. General Oladapo Oyelade, COAS argued that officers leaving the Army must present compelling reasons, emphasizing that loss of interest in military service would no longer be accepted.

While acknowledging that military service was voluntary in Nigeria, the army chief noted that choosing not to serve prescribed years in the army was detrimental to service considering the resources and effort that had gone into training most applicants. , which was meant to be used for system benefits.

Yahaya, therefore, warned that discharge or retirement requests without compelling reasons would no longer be considered or granted by the Discharge Board, which evaluates the applications.

The letter stated: “Military service in Nigeria is voluntary service. Consequently, able-bodied men and women apply to join to serve the color, after which they either request to recommit or choose to voluntarily disenroll. Others in the course of service decide to retire or discharge before their expiration date.

“Consistent with the NA Events Forecast, the Discharge Board is designed to be held quarterly to provide opportunities for staff to retire for various reasons other than ROD completion. The Board exercise is held twice a year first to gather a significant number of applicants, who may wish to withdraw and be treated en masse, while ensuring that the process is handled in a controlled and uniform manner.

“It is true that service in the NA is voluntary and since it is not a conscript army, any staff member can choose to leave at different times. Conversely, considering the resources and efforts that have gone into training most applicants, which requires that the skills and experience gained be used for the benefits of the system, opting not to meet the duration prescribed in the color is bad for the system.

“Furthermore, in order to ensure (that) the experience gained is not easily wasted by the service and to recoup the investment made for the benefit of the nation, service personnel being discharged at will does not bode well for the AN. . However, it was recently observed that most of the time soldiers come up with various excuses to retire and get discharged, which are not convincing or professional enough.”

The CoAS ordered commanders to educate soldiers under their command about the flimsy excuses given by those leaving the service.

It added: “In light of the above, you are kindly requested to educate the troops under your command that, from now on, reasons such as loss of interest in military service will no longer be tolerated as a basis for discharge. This reason is less lame and therefore not accepted. Staff are expected to explain the reason for lack of interest, eg ‘I don’t want to fight for the country again’, ‘I haven’t been promoted, etc.’, to allow the service to make necessary modifications to improve service. system. Consequently, other compelling reasons could be adduced for the dismissal of the service, otherwise, said request would not be granted.

However, sources told our correspondent that many of those who recently left the service did not claim loss of interest or lack of promotion in their requests, as such an excuse would be summarily dismissed and the download request rejected.

”Soldiers leaving the service are smart enough to know that claiming loss of interest as a reason for applying for discharge will not advance their applications. Even when some of them have really lost interest due to various career problems, they usually put forward reasons that the board found difficult to reject,” revealed a former soldier.