The Association of Igbo Villages Trade Unions, ASITU, has called on communities in its domain to think about housing investment and national security as the 2023 election approaches.

ASITU National President, Chief Emeka Diwe in remarks in a Christmas message congratulating Ndigbo on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and having high expectations for a prosperous New Year.

However, he urged Igbo communities to hold critical deliberations on community development and decisions to be made in next year’s general elections, noting that various deliberations prompted by the general presidents of various communities would be compiled.

“Therefore, I welcome all our Igbo brothers and sisters who are visiting home from other parts of Nigeria and around the world. You are our pride and we urge you not only to continue remembering and visiting your home often, but also to invest in your home, because as we know; there is no place like home,” congratulated Diwe.

He also congratulated the traditional institutions, women and young people who he said are custodians of the values ​​and culture of the People.

“Knowing that this holiday season is when we host public gatherings in our various communities to discuss issues that affect the community, the state, and the nation, I charge you to make safety a priority on your agenda.

“The youth, and indeed all individuals of Igbo land, must take charge of the security situation that is slipping and sinking in the south-east. Our youth and everyone at home must be vigilant and those in the diaspora must show deep concern to protect our environment and preserve our eternal heritage in accordance with our ancient belief of being our brothers’ keeper.

“Safety of life and property for the Igbo and in Igboland and everywhere must be our individual and collective business. Poverty, ignorance, youthful exuberance, and adult crime seem to be dictating the tunes and running the lives of many of us. It is time to rethink and proceed with caution. While we call on everyone to remain vigilant and proactive, we also ask that we focus on doing first things first and what is right.

“I also ask you to focus on current issues in politics and economics, especially since the 2023 general election is just around the corner. We are all aware that Igboland has become hopeless, defenseless and lifeless due to constant threats to life and property, and increased state of insecurity, some of which are alleged to be self-inflicted.

“The association views the 2023 general election as a defining moment for Nigerians, especially Ndigbo, wherever they are. This is a period where we have to take our destiny into our own hands. 2023 is surely an opportunity for the Nigerian people to take back Nigeria by voting for competence, ability, fairness, fairness, fairness, inclusion, proven track record, honesty, prudence and ability to deliver.

“Therefore, in your deliberations, we urge you to instill in our people the awareness that we can only achieve more if we are united and at peace with ourselves, our neighbors and our hosts, instead of singing discordant tunes. We must uphold our tried and trusted philosophy “Igwe bu Ike” in our approach to all matters, including national projects.

“Finally, please note that the outcome of your deliberations will be collated and used to make decisions at the upcoming Igbo National Discourse Retreat/Summit that will soon be convened in collaboration with Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo, the traditional institution and other stakeholders.” Diwe revealed.

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