• By Nduka Orjinmo
  • BBC News, Abuja

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Atiku Abubakar is hoping to say he will be lucky for the sixth time in his quest to be Nigeria’s next president, having come up short five bifo attempts, the first in 1992.

This 75-year-old man was at the heights of public life for most of my career as a senior civil servant, vice president, and ogbonge businessman. We made a fortune for the oil sector and donated part of it to charity.

But the highest office for the land of and avoid am, and by February 2023 and go from and day again, to offer im credentials as a seasoned political operator and serial entrepreneur as di remedy for Nigeria palava.

Africa’s most populous kontris face high unemployment, widespread insecurity, high inflation and a sluggish economy that really depend on unstable oil revenues.

Oga Abubakar’s campaign built on his success as vice president between 1999 and 2007, as head of the department’s economic team and oversaw successful reforms to the telecoms, pensions and banking sectors that created jobs and GDP growth.

However, critics point to accusing financial misconduct against am wey dem say they do not fit me for the highest position for di kontri wia corruption be a serious challenge.

They accuse and say they appoint friends to the position, especially when they oversee the privatization of key government assets. E denies saying he did anything wrong and says the charges are politically motivated.

Oga Abubakar is hoping to unite the wounded opposition, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), without the cracks showing since winning the June primary.

Some influential southern governors do not like the rise, they say that if I did not turn from the south to produce Nigeria, the next president after eight years of President Muhammadu Buhari, we will be northerners like Oga Abubakar.

Wia dis photo comes from, AFP

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Oga Abubakar does not promise to unite aggrieved PDP members before the elections

My choice of running mate will also not cause intra-party squabbling, with many believing the snubbing of highly influential Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike will prove costly.

A popular figure within the party, Oga Wike, was seen as their favorite as he ran in the presidential primary and Oga Abubakar elected Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

Outside the party, Oga Abubakar faces a capable opponent for Bola Tinubu, the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and the Labor Party’s youth-led campaign Peter Obi leads target votes for traditional PDP areas. in southern Nigeria. .

We also have the challenge of how to convince young Nigerians that they are a suitable choice, for the sake of image, and they say that they must break with the political class that many pipo don lost confidence over.

A friendly and enterprising figure, Oga Abubakar moves deftly between the worlds of commerce and politics, qualities that my supporters say will help unite the Kontri and revive the economy.

E bin have not been involved in Nigerian elections for years and have recently wavered between the two dominant parties, APC and PDP, becoming founding members and running for president.

I am the first out of the PDP, 2006, I joined an investigation into my record as vice-president, when and bin chop accused saying they diverted money and hit $125m (£95m) of public money for commercial interests.

The charges were never tried by the courts, and Oga Abubakar did not reject the corruption allegations as politically motivated. By January 2019, ebin visited Washington DC, ending by saying that they would avoid traveling to the US to avoid being arrested there.

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Nigeria’s economy is highly dependent on the oil reserves im – di largest for Africa

They plead with voters to want the revival of the economy and national unity, after they see Oga Buhari manage a period of economic stagnation and accuse ethnicity for political appointments.

Oga Abubakar’s business reputation is linked to the spectacular rise of Intels, the oilfield logistics company he co-founded in 1982. From my original office for shipping containers, the company has not grown into a multi-billion dollar multinational operation. nairas wey dey employ more give 10,000 pipo.

Don’t divert some of your wealth to charitable causes, one of the popular passes being how he established the prestigious American University for the northern Nigerian state of Adamawa. The university does not offer scholarships to some of the “Chibok girls,” survivors of high-profile kidnapping by Islamist Boko Haram militants.

Oga Abubakar considers himself a lucky beneficiary of Western-style education, while teaching for the university and Boko Haram does not support him at all. Dem I was born to Adamawa in a serious Muslim family, and I am a father, a Fulani merchant and herdsman, I go to jail briefly for not allowing me to attend school.

“My dad often responds with fear and anxiety to the move to Nigeria,” writes Oga Abubakar bin sympathetically for his autobiography.

After finishing my studies, I join the customs service, serving for the port and airport of Lagos. “Corruption is common in Customs, but I am not part of it,” e bin writes. “I see Customs… as a way to make money for Digoment.”

While still a civil servant, Oga Abubakar began buying property and farmland for business purposes, eventually moving into the oil and gas services market. “I admit very early in life that I have a good nose for business,” he writes for a chapter of my autobiography, where I am the title; Earn money.

I have a career in Customs that connects me with the military and political elite, two categories that are not interchangeable with recent Nigerian history. Oga Abubakar bin has approached former army major Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, whom they see as a political mentor.

As Nigeria remains under military rule, these two men do not begin to network with regional ODA leaders, in the hope of forming a future ogbonge government.

By 1989, Oga Abubakar bin left the civil service to go into politics. E bin made his first presidential bid in 1992, as the candidate of the faction that does not rally around Shehu Yar’Adua. E bin resigned after placing third in the first round, and the self-election was later canceled by the military government.

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Many reasons say that it is Oga Abubakar’s last chance for the presidency.

The repression grew during the 1990s under the command of General Sani Abacha. Oga Abubakar bin was briefly exiled to London, while they sent his mentor, Shehu Yar’Adua, to prison, where he would eventually die.

Oga Abubakar bin returns to Nigeria in 1997 as General Abacha bin relaxes in his grip on power. I became vice president after the 1999 elections and installed the PDP candidate, Olusegun Obasanjo, for the presidency.

During two terms in office, ebin oversaw numerous privatizations, earning him praise as a liberalizer in some quarters and criticism as a chronic capitalist in others.

For my autobiography, e bin take credit for the reform of the banking sector, the auction of the mobile phone license, as well as the economic boom that allows Nigeria to pay off a large amount of im debt.

Oga Abubakar, from the northeastern state of Adamawa, says he will bring back the good times if he is elected president by 2023.

E get four wives and 28 children.