He said the former vice president should apologize to Nigerians for selling out the country’s collective wealth.

“Atiku, under his watch as privatization chair, sold our collective wealth and that was the origin of poverty and insecurity in Nigeria.

“So Atiku should first apologize to the Nigerians for the way they spent N16 million dollars to maintain power and yet we don’t have 24 hour power supply.

“Atiku should explain to us the mismanagement of the privatization exercise they embarked on, which of course was compounded by insecurity and the outlook for the Nigerian economy today was the result of the PDP exercise chaired by Atiku Abubakar.” he said.

However, the senator called on Nigerians to support the All Progress Congress (APC) presidential candidate. Asiwaju Ball Tinubu Y Kashim Shetima adding that both were men with great backgrounds.

“What Nigeria needs now is a man with a great vision so that our foreign exchange reserve will improve, so that we will enjoy security of life and property and the country’s economy will advance to a higher level.” he said.

He described Tinubu and Shettima as a great combination coming from wealthy backgrounds and coming not to rob Nigerians but to bring the country back to its lost glory.

In your comments, Governor Abubakar Sani-Bello of Niger, denounced the situation in the country compared to what it was before 1999 and advised Nigerians to vote for competent leaders who would lift the country out of its current situation.

“What Nigeria was before 1999 and what it is now makes me cry for our children, our textiles and industries worked in the past and created jobs, poverty and insecurity was not much, you could travel freely from one state to another without fear.

“But the situation we have today is very sad and what Nigeria has turned out to be today is very supportive,” he said.

Bello thanked the Kogi people who live in the state and asked them, as well as other non-indigenous people, to support APC and vote for all its candidates.

In your comments, Alhaji Mansu AbdulEbira chief in Niger, pledged full support to all APC candidates at both state and national level.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the event also witnessed the distribution of equipment to the Kogi people residing in Niger.