The last days will surely not be the best for Idris Zakariya and my family, as dem dey among several who lost members after the attack that left 27 pipo dead in Rukubu village on the border between Benue and central Nasarawa state. from Nigeria.

The drone attack on Wednesday when the governor of Nasarawa, Ingr. Abdullahi Sule, it came to my attention when Fulani cattle herders enter the Benue state to collect the cattle.

Idris spoke out in grief to BBC News Pidgin with a call on the government to compensate them for all the human and livestock lives lost in the attack.

“I lose four of my dicks from this attack and there is nothing that the pain is still fresh, my brother Hassan’s wife goes into labor while crying when he sees that I am a corpse which is something I will never forget.”

“Hassan left behind 8 children and a pregnant wife who was born a girl the day they were killed, who is going to take care of my family now?”

“It won’t be the first time they kill us, we won’t be kidnappers or terrorists, just normal pipo, we want to survive, we want compensation from the government and also make it the last time.”

Idris’s story says that some of the 27 who die have as many as four wives and many children and that continuing to survive will be a big problem.

“Even before they kill us, we suffer a lot for what we do, since we don’t get value and the inconvenience we face.”

“I got the Fulani wey. I know we have almost 100 cattle before, now only 15, we can’t continue like this.”

How did the incident happen?

Wetin we call dis photo,

Idris’s brother Hassan is killed in the attack

Wetin we call dis photo,

late hassan and some kids just starting school

Wetin we call dis photo,

Idris Anoda The Abdullahi brothers also lose their lives.

Wetin we call dis photo,

Ahmadu bin wounjure for the attack but lost his life for the hospital

Nigerian police said last Thursday an explosion killed 27 pipos and injured many in a Rukubi border village between Nasarawa and Benue states.

For an interview with the BBC, Nasarawa State Police Commissioner Maiyaki Baba made a confirmation to say he received a report about what happened on Wednesday morning.

“We woke up that morning (Wednesday I’m not informed, contact us and let’s say the explosion happened and led to the death of many pipos and cattle as well).

The commissioner added that at this time the police are still investigating the incident.

Although at that time the commissioner says that it is not appropriate to confirm whether the bomb is fired from the air or fired from the ground.

Some local media reports say that the explosion may have been a failed airstrike by the Nigerian military, but this is not independently confused.

“At this time about 27 dead bodies were confirmed and some suffered injuries due to the explosion.”

This incident occurred in the village of Rukubi within the local district of Doma in the state of Nasarawa.

No news from the Nigerian army yet

Wia dis photo comes from, Nasarawa Government

Despite saying that all fingers point to the Nigerian army for wetin happun dem neva still asot tok any on di mata.

Many reports say that there is no case of “mistaken identity” as the Nigerian Air Force is tracking some bandits in the area.

Even for the press conference that we will hold on Thursday for Lafia, the governor of Nasarawa bin tok say e bin dey in contact with all security agencies regarding wetin happun to get the full tori.

Di govnor adds that he says he did not meet with several di fulani pipo chiefs to ease the tension of the incident.