The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Ekiti, the Most Reverend Felix Ajakaye, urged the Nigerian electorate to avoid vote selling in the upcoming general election to end the rise of selfish and incompetent people in government.

Pointing out that the selling and buying of votes were sins and crimes against humanity, Ajakaye said: “As individuals and groups, we must never allow the relentless and shameful selling and buying of votes in this year’s election.”

The cleric, in his New Year’s message titled ‘2023: Year of Practical Decision’, made available to journalists on Monday, called on those who had not collected their voter cards from the Independent National Electoral Commission to do so. to make sure you can participate. in the election of right-wing leaders.

He lampooned some political parties for not following the rule of law, saying, “They are participating in fake primaries and want to win the election by all means. They come to power crudely and are true to their type: selfish and treasure looters.

Addressing the country’s problems, Ajakaye said, “We tend not to have people with great leadership qualities. Instead, we are being ruled by selfish and incompetent people devoid of positive and meaningful ideas.

“As we prepare for the upcoming general elections in Nigeria, we must do more to turn our dreams and visions into reality.

“We must not continue to be indifferent when Nigeria continues to collapse, we must end our series of regrets. We must recover our beloved country, Nigeria, from the few who believe they own it. We the people are the original owners,” said the cleric.

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