Gospel artist, Chibueze Oforgu, popularly known as Maxy Michael, has recounted how the words of Port Harcourt-based gospel artist, Oluwabamidele Adeeko, also known as Sensational Bamidele, moved him to tears when the latter visited his studio in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

During the visit, Maxy Michael, while speaking to Midweek Entertainment, said he was moved to tears when Sensational Bamidele said he wanted to tap with her grace, adding that the revered gospel artist’s words of encouragement made him realize that there was something special about what he was doing.

He said: “It was like a dream for me, Sensational Bamidele is an artist that I love very much and have been following on social media. But I never knew he was one of my Facebook fans until my church invited him to Dubai and he visited my studio.

“Bamidele’s sensational words that day are something I will always treasure. She moved me to tears when she said she wanted to tap for my grace. It was from that moment that I felt, yes, there was something really special about me.”

The keyboardist and singer, who recently released a song titled “Imela” with Sensational Bamidele, said it was a dream come true to have the artist in his studio and record a song with him.

And he added: “COVID-19 favored me. Everyone was home so I found myself using the keyboard to keep myself busy. I’ll produce beats, record and post the videos online and from there, here I am. So social media added flames to my career. Yes! I must say that 90 percent of my popularity today comes from social networks; Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and the like.”