Ijegu Roseann Munachi, an Enugu-based former beauty queen turned event planner, is celebrating her birthday today, January 2.

To mark the special milestone in her life, the beautiful entertainment extraordinaire unleashed a series of luscious images that had Instagram gasping.

Popularly known as the “queen maker”, Munachi is the founder of a luxury fashion brand called Muhna Empire and the director of one of the most prestigious pageants in Africa, Miss Silver Africa. His compelling business portfolio also fuels his activities as a mixologist, perfumer, charity director and influencer.

From the rustic Enugu town where she grew up, the 25-year-old serial entrepreneur is clear about what she wants for herself.

“This birthday today is special to me as I look back with fond memories of how my life has seasonally transitioned from better to better and continues to grow into a full space,” Munachi wrote in an Instagram carousel.