Juno, the shrewd, chain-smoking caseworker in the movie “Beetlejuice” in 1988 said it best, “Never trust the living.”

An investigation is underway in Vermont after a lamppost and an art sculpture were stolen from the set of “Beetlejuice 2,” which is being filmed in East Corinth, about 25 miles southeast of Montpelier, the state capital, the Vermont State Police said last week.

Early on July 14, the state police received a report that someone had removed a lamppost topped with a “distinctive pumpkin decoration” and loaded it into the back of a pickup truck, covered it with a tarp, and fled the scene.

Three days later, movie officials reported a second theft: a 150-pound abstract art statue that was stolen from the vicinity of a cemetery.

The original film, a comedy-horror classic directed by Tim Burton, follows a dead couple who haunt their own home after strangers move in. They enlist the help of Beetlejuice, a ghastly, mischievous character played by Michael Keaton,…