Sports The betting firm, BetKing, has launched a campaign with the theme: ‘Kings know when to stop’, to promote the responsible gaming ecosystem.

The campaign features a three-part TVC that encourages players to maintain responsible gaming behaviors by recognizing and sticking to their limits.

The videos used relatable scenarios to communicate the importance of setting and adhering to limits when engaging in any activity, including sports betting.

The three films feature BetKing Brand Ambassador and Nigerian football legend Jay Jay Okocha, reality TV star Seyi Awolowo and social media content creator Ope Keshinro (SwitOpe) engaging in different activities, which include exercise, eating and shopping.

Each of the movies shows the challenges of not adhering to limits and how sticking to limits offers better results. The three creatives present strong proof points to attest to how BetKing is promoting responsible gaming in the local sports betting ecosystem.

Speaking of the campaign…