Who are these gunmen? The criminals, who identify the group as ‘Unknown Gunmen’, distanced themselves from the banned Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), but said “what we are looking for is Biafra”.

What the men in the video said: “This is wonderful information for all of you still in the Nigerian Army. This is how all of you will be dying one after another.

“This is happening live and direct in Enugu, today being December 26, 2022. One lieutenant, two stars [laughs]. Say goodbye to the world.

“For those of you who still remain in service, we will receive you one after another. This is ‘Unknown Gunmen’. unknown gunmen ha [sic] nothing to do with IPOB.

“Unknown gunmen don’t know IPOB. What we are looking for is Biafra.

Like it or not, we must get our freedom.” the man who recorded the naked army officer said

Why Johnson?: Johnson was accused of being a saboteur by remaining in the Nigerian Armed Forces.

What did they do to Johnson? Abia-born army personnel who had obviously been physically attacked had all their clothing removed and their hands and legs tied in the bush.

What Caused the Biafra Upheaval in Nigeria: Biafra represented the nationalist aspirations of the Igbo ethnic group, whose leaders felt they could no longer coexist with a federal government dominated by the interests of the Hausa-Fulani Muslims of northern Nigeria.