The Kwara State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party has criticized the regime of the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.), saying he (Buhari) will leave many Nigerians in poverty.

The Director General of the Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Mahmud Ajeigbe, said that the APC-led government failed to fulfill its campaign promises and managed to worsen the country’s economic situation.

Ajeigbe, who spoke in an interview with saturday punch, He stressed that President Buhari, who would step down in May 2023, would leave the country with a huge debt burden.

According to him, the situation created by the Buhari regime has worsened insecurity, economy and corruption rates since he assumed the presidency in 2015.

He said: “Compare the debt load of 2015 with what we have now; of course, it is higher. Second, look at poverty. What N10,000 could buy for yourself a year ago, can’t you buy it now?

“It is so clear that this government will leave this country in poverty. ask yourself; Are Nigerians better off now than they were in 2015?

“The APC-led government came to power on the tripod of insecurity, corruption and the economy, but none of them have improved in more than seven years.

“Is it in the economy? Are we better than what we had in 2015? Insecurity in the Northeast and other regions; Has the insurgency, banditry and kidnapping that have become the order of the day gone?

“In fact, banditry and kidnapping have become a major profession for those who engage in this evil act. Crimes and other social vices have increased. For corruption, do we say that corruption has been reduced?

“You have a situation where the poverty rate is increasing. The purchasing power of the naira has now also become a big problem. What you could spend N30,000 on before will not be enough to buy the same now.”

However, he assured that the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, had the ability to rescue the country from the current situation.