With just eight weeks to go before the 2023 presidential election, the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.), warned security agencies on Wednesday to avoid behavior that could compromise the democratic process.

He said that those involved in handling sensitive election materials must maintain a high sense of professionalism in carrying out their duties.

According to a statement signed by the Principal Special Assistant to the President for Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, Buhari said this as he inaugurated the newly acquired Defense Intelligence Agency property in Idu-Karmo, Abuja.

The statement is titled ‘Surveys 2023: President Buhari Charges Security Agencies to Maintain Professionalism in Handling and Distribution of Classified Materials.’

The president urged agencies to handle the distribution and control of classified materials and other logistics “in a professional manner and in accordance with Standing Operating Procedures.”

Reiterating his earlier directive to security agencies to remain apolitical, the president said they must desist from behavior that could discredit their organizations and the country “by compromising the democratic process.”

On the newly acquired DIA Estate, the President said that suitable accommodation would improve the productivity and coordination of the Agency’s staff activities in view of the increased number of staff to face new challenges and responsibilities.

However, he cautioned that the facility would not live up to its anticipated benefits without diligent maintenance.

”The significance of today’s occasion can best be understood by making the connection between shelter and productivity.

“I am confident that these new facilities will generate huge shelter dividends for Defense Intelligence Agency personnel, their families and the host locality.

“The acquisition of this accommodation is a great leap forward, but the anticipated benefits would be aborted without diligent maintenance,” he said.

Therefore, Buhari urged the new occupants to ensure the maintenance of the high standard of the facility.

While he praised Defense Intelligence Chief Maj. Gen. Samuel Adebayo for the achievement, Buhari said the DIA’s investment in staff accommodation complemented his government’s vision for better national security.

In its remarks, the CDI thanked Buhari for inaugurating the new Estate, noting that the project will always be remembered by the DIA community as the President’s legacy gift for the year 2022.

According to Adebayo, the newly opened staff housing contains 16 units of three-bedroom terrace buildings with children’s accommodation and 48 units of three-bedroom flats, all en-suite.

He added that one of the blocks of six housing units and two terrace units were furnished as prototypes, while the rest will be furnished in the execution cycle of the 2023 Budget.

Regarding the Agency’s operations, Adebayo thanked the President for approving his requests for technical intelligence and advanced technological acquisitions.

He announced that most of the recently acquired technical equipment had been deployed and was helping to address security challenges across the country.