Onanuga, while describing the alleged attack on Buhari as ‘fake news’ from a political party that had lost touch with reality, said Nigerians should ignore it.

He added that the so-called attack on Buhari must have occurred only in the mind of the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

“We are not surprised to read about the imaginary attack on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the PDP, as the party has nothing tangible to tell Nigerians about its crumbling presidential campaign.

“This alleged attack on President Buhari must have occurred only in the fertile imagination of the PDP’s national publicity secretary.

“Nigerians should ignore these fake news from a party that has lost touch with reality.

“President Buhari was warmly received in Kano State by the good people and the state government, where he commissioned eight high-impact projects,” Onanuga said.

The APC CCP Director of Media and Publicity listed projects inaugurated by the president while in Kano state to include a flyover bridge with underpass and a cancer center, among others.

He recalled that the APC CCP had previously alerted the nation to the PDP’s plot to orchestrate and execute many evil schemes to smear, ridicule and delegitimize Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate.

He added that goodwill Nigerians would have already seen that the CCP did not raise a false alarm in his statement issued on Sunday, January 29, where he detailed the alleged evil machinations of the PDP and its mercenaries.

“Only the evil mind of the PDP could conceive of an attack on a Nigerian president.

“It is not impossible for the PDP, through its paid agents, to organize bad guys to stage an attack.

“But we are confident that the security agencies are capable of thwarting any planned attack on the president and anyone caught up in such a profane plot now or in the future will be blamed.

“We call on the security agencies, especially the Police and the Department of State Security, to immediately arrest the PDP National Publicity Secretary for questioning about this alleged attack.” Onanuga said.