From Maduabuchi Nmeribeh, Kano

A member of the House of Representatives, representing the Federal District of Tarauni, the Hon. Hafiz Kawu Tarauni has justified the credit profile of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, insisting that it remains very healthy for the country’s economy.

Speaking at the Kano NUJ Press Center on Sunday during the 2023 Dialogue Series with Politicians hosted by the Kano NUJ Correspondents’ Chapel, the Honorable Hafiz criticized those who criticize Buhari’s pursuit of foreign loans.

The Honorable Hafiz, who was a personal assistant for economics in the vice president’s office from 2015 to 2019, said Buhari was not borrowing to pay salaries like the previous administration under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) banner.

According to him, the Buhari administration was borrowing to execute critical infrastructure projects that have a positive impact on the economy.

“As a legislator, I know that most loans are taken to execute critical infrastructure projects. Some of these projects are done through build, operate, and transfer. The Buhari administration is different from previous administrations that borrow to pay salaries,” he said.

The lawmaker seeking to represent his constituency for the second time in the House of Representatives on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC), also praised the Buhari administration for blocking leaks in the channels through which the money in the government system. urging the incoming administration to keep up.

According to him, such measures by the Buhari administration added value to the nation’s economic growth, adding that diversifying the economy through boosting the agricultural sector and opening more windows for income generation was another advantage for the economic development of the nation under the Buhari administration.

Furthermore, he described generating non-oil income as key to the economic development of a country like Nigeria, which has been so reliant on oil for survival over the years.

The Honorable Hafiz, who has vowed to put more emphasis on human capital development if his people give him the chance to represent them in the lower house for the second time, said he has executed more than 50 capital projects in his constituency, ranging from building roads, the development of education up to primary education. health care.

According to him, these projects spread throughout the 10 Political Districts that made up the Federal Circumscription of Tarauni.

Hon. Hafiz hinted that he has also sponsored a number of bills in the House, some of which include a bill to establish a Federal University of Agriculture in Tarauni, a bill to establish a Federal Medical Center in Kano, a bill for the establishment of Entrepreneurship College in Kano, among others.

The lawmaker said he is also improving the safety of lives and property within his constituency by constantly providing logistics to the local watchdog group and the Nigerian Police Force.

He said he has also used his influence and good offices to secure jobs for people, particularly youth, within his constituency in various ministries, agencies and parastatals, including the Department of State Service (DSS), Nigeria Police Force , the Army, Civil Defense. , among others.

The young politician, who makes no secret of his admiration for President Buhari’s administration, urged Nigerians to appreciate Buhari’s modest achievements, insisting that “so far so good, you know you can’t say that everything was done well by one hundred by one hundred.

“The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has transformed Nigeria into the area of ​​critical infrastructure. You can feel the presence of critical infrastructure across the country, from the east, the south, the west and the north.”