• Nigerians were assured that the bullion van found at Bola Tinubu’s house during the 2019 election was empty of money.
  • This guarantee was given to Nigerians by the organizing secretary of the All Progressives Congress.
  • Adewale Ayodele also said the bars did not reach the residence of the former Lagos state governor.

During the build-up to Nigeria’s 2019 general election, a bullion van was spotted entering the Bourdillon residence of 2023 All Progressive Congress presidential candidate Bola Tinubu.

The presence of the bullion van raised a lot of dust about the former governor’s vote buying and election stamping activities.

The APC has said the bullion van found at Tinubu’s house during the 2019 election was lost. Photo: APC, IJF
Source: UGC

However, in response to questions from reporters about the presence of the bullion van at his residence, Tinubu at the time said the money was his and not for the government.

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Tinubu had said;

“Bullion vans, are those ballots? Where am I going to vote now? Excuse me, is it my money or government money?

“I don’t work for the government, I’m not in a government agency and I let someone come out and say that I’m taking any contract from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari or APC in the last five years.

“You should try it, I’m alone,” he finally added.

However, when responding to more questions about the same truck of bullion in the Arise Television morning show in 2023, Lagos State CP organizing secretary Adewale Ayodele claimed that Tinubu was only joking about the incident when he spoke to reporters in 2019.

Ayodele also said that the bullion van had actually missed its destination and somehow made it to Tinubu’s residence during the election.

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His words;

“I think the matter has been settled. There was no money in the bullion van. The bullion van that even arrived had lost the address to get there.”

“He lost the address to have come there, that’s why he was there.”

He also said that the bullion van was not seen at Tinubu’s house on election day.

When he recalled that Tinubu, when answering questions about the bullion van’s presence at his residence during the 2019 election, had said that the money was his and that he had not stolen public funds or made any government contracts.

Ayodel added:

“He (Tinubu) said that jokingly.”

“We must not forget that a major terrorist was found at Kashim Shettima’s house,” warns Tinubu’s former campaign manager.

Nigerians have been warned not to vote for 2023 presidential candidate Bola Tinubu and his running mate in the upcoming election.

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The warning was given to Nigerians by a former campaign manager of the Bola Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council.

Naja’atu Muhammad urged voters not to forget that a notorious terrorist was found and arrested at the home of Tinubu’s running mate.

“I want to become the first Yoruba first lady,” Atiku’s wife pleads in a new interview.

Titi Abubakar said that she wants to break the Yoruba curse of not producing a First Lady since the beginning of democracy.

The wife of the flag-bearer of the Peoples’ Democratic Party said that the people of the southeast have yet to produce a first lady and would like to break records.

Titi Abubakar said that all Nigerians of Yoruba descent should support her husband’s candidacy so that he can achieve his dream.

Source: Legit.ng