In addition, he told the West African nation’s president that the Catholic bishops want him to use his remaining months in office to address challenges plaguing the country, including insecurity.

“The main crux of our message to you today is one of earnest appeal and strong encouragement. His two-term tenure as president, Nigeria’s commander-in-chief, is coming to an end. We believe that much can be done to improve things in the remaining four months of his presidency before he steps down in May 2023,” said the CBCN president.

He added: “We have seen some signs that the government is not entirely incapable of addressing the sad state of insecurity on earth, which has consumed thousands of innocent Nigerians of all religions, creeds and ethnic groups.”

For his part, President Buhari is said to have appreciated the remarks made by the Catholic bishops, acknowledging the need to address the security challenge.

“I am very grateful for your visit to the Presidential Villa and I agree with you on some of the points you have made,” President Buhari said, adding: “The issue of insecurity is very important to us because, unless that a country or an institution is at peace, it will be difficult to handle”.

Referring to his visits to Adamawa and Yobe states, the Nigerian president said: “I listened carefully to what the people and officials had to say. And they all said that the situation had improved since 2015, especially in Borno state.”

He continued: “Boko Haram was simply fraudulent and a plot to destroy Nigeria. It cannot be said that people should not learn; people need to grow intellectually.”

President Buhari also assured CBCN members that his government will not let up on infrastructure development, especially in areas affected by terrorism.

Reflecting on his experience in the country’s history since 1967, the 80-year-old Head of State said that God is to be thanked for all that has developed over the years.

Silas Mwale Isenjia is a Kenyan journalist with great zeal and interest in communication related to the Catholic Church. He has a BA in Linguistics, Media and Communication from Moi University in Kenya. Silas has vast experience in the media production industry. He currently works as a journalist for ICA Africa.