De Gyang Bere, Jos

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate and former vice president Atiku Abubakar has assured Christians that they are very safe under his rule if the president is elected next month.

He said that as a born unifier, he believes in the integration of humanity at all levels and would do everything possible to promote unity in diversity.

Atiku spoke in Jos while attending the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) 2023 Extraordinary General Council of the Church (CCG) meeting.

Represented by the former president, Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara, former vice president, said that God made no mistake in creating people and allowing them to belong to different tribal, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

According to him, “a divided Nigeria cannot achieve God’s purpose for us as a people. A country divided will only keep us in the dark and in chains. Throughout my life, I have lived and worked in harmony with people of other faiths and ethnic affiliations with ease because of mutual understanding and respect.

” My business and political associates come from different backgrounds with zero expressions of religious or ethnic sentiments. I have never contemplated the same ticket of faith throughout my political career because it will result in absolute disaster for all Nigerians.

“No statesman at first takes a position that clearly excludes nearly half the country and still hopes to do the job Nigeria sorely needs. No matter how hard and cleverly the same ticket of faith is dressed, it is an open invitation to lawlessness and a clear statement that not everyone will be led by the government. ”

He continued, “As the Governor-elect of Adamawa State, in 1999, I gave my full support, through thick and thin, to Boni Haruna to take office when I was nominated for Vice President. Boni ruled Adamawa for 8 interrupted years. Also, in Taraba state, Reverend Jolly Nyame was encouraged to run for governor in 1999 with my full support.

“We have and still are working together with many Christians across the country, and the Church must have confidence in my ability, experience and ability to provide credible leadership that unites our people and empowers Nigeriens of all faiths to live together. in peace and harmony. .”

Atiku thanked Christians from all over the country for their prayers and commitment to the nation and assured that he will not cease to cement a cordial relationship between Christians and Muslims at all times.

“The church will get a lot under my watch as president of this nation if he is elected. I will do my best if elected to rid Nigeria of conflict businessmen and profiteers in order to lay a solid foundation for Nigeria’s advancement. This must be the case if we ever hope to realize our full potential as a nation.

“No society in history has remained disunited and still maintained its civilization. Politics is not a sufficient reason to keep us divided. A divided Nigeria can get none of us anywhere. If Nigeria is divided, both Christians and Muslims will suffer. I am proud to say that I have a strong partner in Governor Okowa who is not only a Christian but also a man of unwavering faith in Nigeria and our people. I am convinced without a doubt that together with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as Vice President, we will take Nigeria to the desired heights.”

Delivering his message, Dogara urged Christians to take stock of what each presidential candidate has done for Christians in the north and meditate on it.

Quoting extensively from the Bible, Dogara compared Atiku to the popular centurion from the Bible, whose faith was recognized by Jesus and about whom the Jews enthusiastically spoke to Jesus about his love for the Jews and the fact that he even built a synagogue for them. .

He asked why the current Church no longer attracts centurions and urged the clergy to think carefully about that. Citing Governors Bony Haruna and Rev. Jolly Nyame, he said those two represent two strong synagogues that Atiku had built for the Church and challenged Christians to look at other candidates, saying “if they have done what Atiku has done, then you can vote for them.

He said that, for his part, they settled for Atiku after a scientific analysis of the various candidates, which was carried out transparently, saying: “Don’t waste your votes casting them elsewhere so we don’t wail like Job in the Bible.” who said: “The things I feared so much have come upon me.”

“No believer should waste their vote because the God we serve does not tolerate waste. We strongly believe in coming together and living together for Nigerians of all faiths so that we can progress, hence our rejection of the same ticket of faith. “He affirmed.

ECWA President Rev. Dr. Stephen Baba Panya thanked Atiku for finding time to pay attention to what the church is doing and for sending eminent political leaders to honor the church’s GCC meeting.

He particularly commented on Atiku for sending Dogara to represent him because the latter has an excellent reputation with the Church even before joining politics.

He concluded that the church is watching, monitoring and listening to all the candidates and will soon make a decision based on its convictions.