Three days after a former Central Bank of Nigeria employee, Kehinde Fatinoye, and his wife, Bukola, who was an employee of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, were killed in Ogun State, the dead body of the couple’s son, Oreoluwa Fatinoye, has been recovered from the Ogun River.

Oreoluwa’s parents were killed by as-yet-unidentified assassins in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state, on New Year’s Day.

Oreoluwa was reportedly taken from his home after his parents were killed and burned, and was reportedly thrown into a river along the Adigbe-Obada highway in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Divers were hired by the State Police Command to search for Oreoluwa’s body.

Her decomposing body was discovered Tuesday floating in the river by fishermen.

Both of Oreoluwa’s hands were observed to be tied with a rope behind his back.

Speaking about the discovery, the fisherman, Idowu Taiwo, said he discovered the body floating in the river while preparing for the day’s work.

He said: “On Monday, we heard that someone was thrown into this river, but this morning, as we were getting ready for work, the police approached us and begged us to report each time we found the body.

“But this morning around 7:30 we discovered the body while we were checking our equipment in the river. I called someone to help us get the PPRO number to tell them we found the body.

“Shortly afterwards the police came and we showed them the body after having carried it to the river bank.”

Later, the police took away the body.

Our correspondent deduced that the assailants, after killing the couple, set fire to their corpse and the house, located within the Ibara Government Reserve Area, Abeokuta.

It emerged that the killers had followed the couple to their residence from their church, where they had attended the crossing service to mark the beginning of the new year.

The husband, Kehinde Fatinoye, was an employee of the Central Bank of Nigeria, while the wife, Bukola, was an employee of Abeokuta Federal Agricultural University.

The couple, burned beyond recognition, were buried in tears on Monday by supporters, family and friends.

Meanwhile, the commando’s police public relations officer, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said police had launched an investigation to unravel the mystery behind the Fatinoyes’ deaths.

Oyeyemi said a suspect had been arrested in connection with the incident.