A three-member panel of the appeals court in Abuja headed by its president, Judge Monica, rejected an appeal by the sacked chairman of the Action Alliance party, Chief Kenneth Udeze.

The appeal seeking to overturn the annulment of the candidacy of Commander Hamza Al-Mustapha and others was declared incompetent on Thursday by Judge Monica Dongban-Mensem.

In the main ruling, Judge Dongban-Mensem held that Udeze erred in initiating the appeal on behalf of the Action Alliance and also listed the party as a defendant.

The appeal sought to overturn the December 22 ruling of the Federal High Court in Abuja.
In the appeal signed CA/ABJ/PRE/ROA/CV/1472MI/2022, the Magistrate pointed out that the AA could not be appellant and sued in the same appeal.

Earlier, on November 4, 2022, Judge Abubakar had ordered INEC to accept the list of candidates submitted to it by the Omo-Aje leadership of the AA and to ignore the list submitted by Udeze, of which Major Hamzat Al Mustpha was a presidential candidate. .

On December 22, Judge Zainab Abubakar of the Abuja Federal High Court rejected Udeze’s request to annul the November 4 ruling that recognized candidates put forward by party leader Dr. Adekunle Rufai Omo-Aje.

During the ruling, it was noted that Udeze’s suspension and expulsion as AA president had been upheld in the ruling of two appeal courts.

Judge Abubakar noted that with the two remaining judgments from the Court of Appeal and another decision from a Federal High Court in Abeokuta, Udeze cannot legally claim the party chairmanship.

The judge described Udeze as a meddlesome interloper, attempting to interfere in the affairs of the party from which he was expelled, stating that his earlier ruling on November 4 was not obtained through fraud as Udeze claimed.

The two appeals court rulings were issued on January 7 and November 11, 2022.