Palpable fear has gripped residents of the Ipokia community in the Ipokia local government area of ​​Ogun state, as some yet-to-be-identified ritualists allegedly invaded the community and excavated more than 40 skulls from graves.

Our correspondent deduced that the ritualists used to operate at night, when people should have fallen asleep.

A source said the ritualists invaded different parts of the city, digging graves to exhume skulls and other human parts.

Some of the residents, who spoke to Sunday PUNCH, said they had counted more than 40 graves dug by the ritualists.

Some of the sources said that the ritualists started the act about two months ago and had managed to make off with dozens of dried human heads.

It was learned that no one had been arrested since the exhumation of bodies began in the town of Ipokia.

However, Ipokia residents said that none of the security agencies, which include the police, the Department of State Services, the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security Corps, the So-Safe Corps and the Amotekun Corps, have devised means to trace those behind the removal of skulls. of the tombs of the city.

A source said: “They sneak into people’s compounds, dig up the graves and extract the skull and whatever other parts they need. They will do it in a way that residents don’t wake up to find out something is going on around them.”

Speaking to reporters, an elder in Ipokia, Samuel Adeyemi, said two bodies were dug up in his compound on Friday, lamenting that no one has done anything to stop the act.

Adeyemi said the ritualists were becoming more desperate in their attempt to steal many skulls from the tombs at Ipokia for reasons best known to them.

When contacted, Ogun State Police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi said he had not yet been informed about the incident.