He The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture has said that harnessing the potential of a vibrant digital economy is crucial to boosting Nigeria’s economic growth.

This was stated by the president of NACCIMA, John Udeagbala, during the press conference on the state of the association’s economy.

Udeagbala said that as part of NACCIMA’s contribution efforts to Nigeria’s economic development, the association decided to organize a conference on digital economy with the theme ‘Promoting a vibrant digital economy: a catalyst for economic growth in Nigeria’.

According to him, the objective of the conference, among other benefits, includes establishing the potential of the digital economy to promote job creation and generate employment for young people throughout the country.

He added that the conference would also push for the establishment of digital hubs in Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones that would present opportunities for young people to immerse themselves in digital technology for potential start-ups.

Udeagbala said: “Globally, the digital economy has found progressive applications and visible impact in almost all spheres of our lives, including virtual education, smartphone apps, collaboration platforms, banking, e-commerce. , etc.

This conference was scheduled to take place in Abuja in January 2023, and hopefully the President, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rted.), is expected to declare the conference open.”

The NACCIMA President added that the event was expected to bring together experienced captains from the industry, high-profile professionals and personalities from Nigeria and abroad.

“The Minister of Trade and Investments was also expected, as well as the Minister of Digital Economy with other members of the diplomatic community and international organizations,” he added.