Uduak Emmanuel Abraham is the CEO and founder of the Grand Digital, Data and Technology Foundation. In this interview, he explains to our reporter the concept of digital technology and data science and how awareness is rising in Nigeria.

You are in a field that hardly resonates with Nigerians, why did you choose digital technology and data science?

First, let me correct this impression, digital technology and data science are not abstruse or obscure as they seem. They are quite popular with the people and the demand for knowledge resonates with a large population of Nigerians.

This is not limited to just those well-versed in the field, as many will not think that only the young are attracted to digital technology, but I can assure you that a vast majority of the population is exposed to products and services that depend of digital technology. and data science are interested in finding out more.

Since 2001, when the Obasanjo administration launched GSM in Nigeria, more and more people have seized the opportunity provided by advancing technology and are using it for personal communication, social interaction, political discourse and to enhance their businesses. The awareness is such that today, there is practically no one who is not using digital technology, either directly or indirectly.

Even since the increase in the number of phone lines, from 400,000 in 2001 to the hundreds of millions we have now, you can see why digital technology has become so important.

Take a look at the demographics of those using digital technology and you’ll find that it affects gender, age, and status. So digital technology and data science are quite popular.

To answer the second part of your question, I chose the field because that’s where the future is. Businesses, both private and government, depend on the sector to succeed.

From now on, even social interaction would depend on the use of digital technology for development. This is even more true in rural areas where much is needed to raise awareness to improve people’s standard of living.

When you started?

I started a few years ago with a strong interest in digital technology, but my company was launched as a non-profit foundation in July 2022, to promote and raise awareness of digital technology and data science in communities, especially among women, youth and children. we are committed to supporting and promoting effective and sustainable models of digital technology and data science education.

How do you plan to achieve that?

Our goal is the development of women, youth and children by empowering and supporting business and education in digital technology and data science.

How much have you covered in that regard?

We have been able to train quite a few women and young people. Due to our intervention, many businesses have been digitized. Due to logistical constraints, we had to strategize before starting and decided to start from Northern Nigeria. So we are currently covering Northern Nigeria effectively.

northern nigeria? That’s interesting, how is the answer?

People think that the North is behind in terms of education and technology, but we found that the number of people interested in learning and growing their businesses through improved technology has been more than encouraging. It has been tremendous.

We are educating women and the underprivileged about digital technology and data science and awareness is growing. There is much more to do; of course, but even in the relatively short time that we started, we can say that we have done a lot.