A doctor at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu State, Egbe Camillus, has raised the alarm over a failed assassination attempt on his life and has called on police to investigate the incident.

Egbe on Tuesday said that had it not been for the timely intervention and vigilance of Enugu State Neighborhood Watch unit officers Ugboezeji Abakpa-Nike who promptly apprehended the suspect, he would not know if he would have been alive, said a reporter from the Sahara. report says.

Recounting his ordeal, Egbe, who is a Registrar at the UNTH Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said: “On December 19, 2022, around 12 midnight, I saw a young man sitting inside the unfinished building. in front of Treluck Hospital and I alerted the security men from the Ugboezeji Abakpa-Nike neighborhood who came and arrested the suspect, a young man.

“However, during questioning, the suspect confessed that a man and a woman living in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, paid him to kill me.”

“There is an electronic voice record as evidence,” Egbe added.

According to Sahara Reporters, Egbe said security men alerted the Abakpa Police Division, who arrived and took the suspect to their station. “Again at the Abakpa Police Division, the suspect confessed that he was paid to kill me,” he added.

Egbe said that he applied to the state Police Commissioner through his lawyer because the suspect refused to mention the names of those who sent him (the suspect).

The CP then ordered the Abakpa Division Police to transfer the suspect to the Enugu State Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation, Sahara Reporters quoted Egbe as saying.

“Accordingly, the suspect was transferred to the state CID. However, no arrests have been made to date,” Egbe noted.

However, Egbe, in the petition to the police through his lawyer entitled: “A case of attempted murder, dehumanization of the person and attempt to truncate justice: an urgent call for intervention in Re; Dr. Camillus Egbe”, called for a thorough investigation and prosecution of those behind the plot.

In the petition dated December 25, 2022, and signed by his attorney, CD Ezeh Esq., Egbe called for an investigation into the incident.

The petition read in part: “The above matter refers. We are a lawyer briefed by Dr. Camillus Egbe (Member of the Enugu State Branch of the Nigerian Medical Association). Later, and for the purposes of this correspondence, we will refer to him as our client at the instances of which we write according to the instructions.

“Sir, our client was the victim of an attempted assassination and dehumanization of a human person orchestrated by some known persons behind the veil using the instrumentality of a notorious and infamous criminal who was timely arrested by men from the Abakpa/Ugboezeji vigilante group in the crime scene. and handed over to Abakpa Police Division for critical investigation.

“We have been informed that the men from the Abakpa Police Division went into action as expected and the investigative activities thus far revealed that the suspect was a hired assassin to mutilate our client at the behest of the people behind the veil for a rate.

“However, we were told that our client’s ordeal and fear will not be alleviated unless the thug confesses who are the people behind the veil who hired him for this sinister motive and this can only be achieved if investigative activities they are further addressed with a tactical approach. platoon/formation of the Police Corps.

“Our client has done everything humanly possible to have this investigation transferred to a tactical squad specially trained for this type of crime, but to no avail; therefore, the alleged landlords have continued to brag and brag in an effort to be brought to justice.

“As brazen as he was, the suspect now in the police network has continued to speak out about the facts in a rampant effort to cover his accomplices while waiting for them to do more to get him released. In fact, this ugly and despicable incident has kept our client on edge sleeping with one eye closed.

“Sir, we have further been informed that following the attack, our client has persistently suffered from perennial panic disorder and psychosomatic trauma which has kept him in routine counseling. You can imagine how traumatic it can be to know full well that attackers/killers are on the payroll of individuals desperate to wipe out your life.

“Please sir, make sure that justice is not only done, but that it is seen to have been done. Criminal elements and scoundrels must not be allowed to make their way through unjustified and unscrupulous vicissitudes.

“Accordingly, we respectfully urge you to do what is necessary to ensure that the logical investigation of the accomplices and subsequent prosecution of this case begin to a logical conclusion to ensure that justice is served and equally to deter other cronies waiting to see the case. . result of this matter. Our client in this case appears to be gullible and touchy and that explains why we sought his help.”